Will Covid save America’s food security issues?

If you’ve tried to buy seeds from Baker Creek, or order chicks from Murray this year, you would know they are sold out for months. Hope you ordered early!

This pandemic has the populace clearing grocery store shelves, hoarding TP, and (finally!) thinking about where food will come from if not the industrial supply chain.

Maybe, what we are doing will soon be seen by average city dweller not as off the beaten path, neat but different, or as if it doesn’t belong. Maybe a re-calibration of values is under way behind the scenes as we speak. Meat shortages, limits on certain items at the market, and the worst unemployment recorded may elevate the importance of having a home flock of chickens.

A dream come true would be to see small, regenerative farmers truly venerated. And an opportunity for those failing in this economic climate to be able to rise up and meet our needs in a life-affirming and life-creating way.


bootstrapper, soil farmer, urban agriculture professional || perennial.city

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