Why Telegram is the Best Messaging App in the World


I believe the richest corporations in the world mining users’ data without compensation, and practically unbeknownst to them, is morally corrupt. That is the extent of my personal concern for privacy — I don’t have any delusions about the government or hackers caring about my conversations about chickens and compost. All messages are encrypted so personal information that could result in identify theft and whatnot are secure, which I expect from any app available in iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Open Source

The benefits of open source, supported by a thriving community, are expressed in two major ways: incredible new features rolled out on a regular basis, and the aforementioned privacy and security.

Edit and Forward Messages

Here are two basic needs that, last I was in the market, were scarce in the messaging world. The abilities to edit or delete messages after they are sent, and to forward to another person or group, are so essential I could not imagine being without them. Presumably, any service incorporating SMS (Hangouts, iMessage…) cannot edit due to the nature of the SMS system.

Web Version

Digital minimalism is a virtue well worth cultivating, and smartphones are my kryptonite. Batching my internet activities to dedicated computer time is a powerful antidote.

Unlimited Storage

As mentioned in the intro, my Telegram epiphany happened when Slack began extorting our organization’s files and messages. As a small business, without venture capital to chalk the expense up to, we could not justify the cost to access our own data. Not only for storage, I also share files I need across devices by simply sending them to myself.


All that storage would be insurmountable without the ability to search for what you need. Searching by words or hash tags is available on all platforms, and like Telegram’s messaging, is ridiculously fast.

Video and Voice Messages

While you can even make encrypted phone calls within the app (a wonderful feature for international calls), I’ve found the need to make calls virtually non-existent with voice messages in my tool box. Beyond short answers, or messages that will be searched for or used as a reference, this has become a preferred method of communication. Why would I call someone and hope they are free to answer when I can say what is needed any time, and they are able to play and replay at their convenience, and vice versa

Instant Views

When a supported link is shared on Telegram, the “Instant View” button will appear below a preview, providing you a consistent, uncluttered view of the article with zero load time.


If there is a feature somehow not yet available in Telegram, start a conversation with The Botfather, get your API key and get to work!



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