This year on the farm, as the season progresses and everything is growing, I’ve naturally settled into a different way of doing things.

Different jobs had always been batched, resulting in needing to dedicated somewhere around a half day to major weekly or bi-weekly chores — grass-cutting day, bedding detail, nest box cleaning, bioreactor building, and so on.

As we are rolling strong into our busiest season yet, amid the massive irregularities in the world right now, I’ve been breaking these larger tasks into small pieces and spreading them out. For example, taking three days to cut grass and changing nest boxes over four separate evenings.

I’m not sure whether it’s the result of being so busy that larger blocks of time are not available, my attention span isn’t allowing for long, mundane chores, or I’m just settling into a more intuitive groove as the day-to-day grind of the farm becomes innate.

No matter the reason, it feels better. A time motion study may tell you that minutes are lost between stopping and starting, and it’d be more efficient to barrel through. I’m OK with the lost time — despite the world seemingly spinning out of control, this has contributed to a noticeably more peaceful day.



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Timothy Kiefer

bootstrapper, daily blogger, soil farmer, urban agriculture professional, wannabe programmer || perennial.city