Three tangible things we can do to prepare for the next pandemic.

(That isn’t relying on Bill Gates to provide us a vaccine every year tracked by an implant…)

This isn’t going to be the first massive pandemic sweeping the globe in our lifetime.

Right now, every level of government and organizations of all sizes are experimenting how to contain the spread. In the coming months we’ll have some answers.

Then, we’ll consider how to be more prepared for the next one. Bill Gates has been vying in recent years for the position of epidemiological savior of the world, and now is his moment to shine.

Instead of the mid-20th century atom bomb mentality to create super vaccines, paired with Orwellian tracking devices, three things could more safely ensure our health and security:

  1. Foster a mindset of building our natural immune systems. They’re pretty amazing. The American way of doing something hasn’t been prevention for a while, but now is a great time to step back and reconsider our strategies and how they’re working.
  2. Stop relying on a global supply chain for our livelihood. The vast majority of our pharmaceuticals are produced in China, not to mention all the other widgets and gizmos that keep our economy moving. This is great for profits for those who make global policy, but it puts us all in a very precarious position.
  3. Become re-acquainted with our food sources. Gardens in our yards, household chicken flocks, family cows. Local is good, our homes need to be involved in the production and procurement of food once again.