Three easy ways to stack sats for free

(and free sats for starting with my referrals)

When Bitcoin is worth $1 million, a sat will be equal to a penny. Any little bit you can stack will add up.

Here are three easy ways to earn sats for free. Good habits start with little decisions.

Cash App

Their free Cash Card, a debit card with rotating special promotions with up to 25% discounts or more, began offering 10%+ Bitcoin rewards on purchases.

My referral code gets us both $10 when if you’re using Cash App for the first time: GWNMQWK


And, every day you can visit the phone app to tap-tap-tap on the “Daily Stack” box to get free sats. It’s always around 150 satoshi for me, though a friend has won a $35 equivalent reward.

Here’s a $5 promo to start:

Swan Bitcoin

With fees as low as under 1% on recurring buys, and automatic recurring buys and direct withdraws to external wallets, Swan Bitcoin is my recommended service for consistently buying BTC.

If you become a Bitcoin evangelist, their Swan Force earns you a percentage of fees for three years for referrals — that’s meaningful.

Speaking of which, get started with my referral and earn $10 for signing up up:


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