The rebuilding of St. Louis should be permissible.

A proposal for simplifying our permitting process.

St. Louis in 1875 — from Compton & Dry’s “Pictorial St. Louis”

1. Easy to understand, explicit exemptions

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Some examples of possible exemptions:

  1. Personal
    Is this your own domicile or garden? Will the public not have access to the space? Go for it.
  2. Impermanent
    If whatever is being built can be removed without the use heavy equipment, give it a try. Temporary structures can serve as a cost-effective way to pilot ideas in the community in real life.
  3. Permeable
    The paving of the city is a it’s own crisis, a multi-billion dollar struggle for the Metropolitan Sewer District. When you impede water’s desire, the most precious of substances to life becomes a curse for everyone else. If your land use absorbs and your structures absorb water, it isn’t restricted.
  4. Not publicly visible

2. Where permits are required, capping the time and money investment demanded to obtain a permit



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