The Dawn of an Apocalypse?

The past several months have seriously lacked sunny days. Today, as I drove around picking up buckets in South City, it was perfect. Could enough to work hard and not sweat, warm enough to not need gloves. And the sun was shining in top form.

There were a couple kids yelling at each other in a neighborhood school playground, and before even thinking about it I sensed a tone of play that wasn’t recess. Ah yes, these kids have a snow day for the rest of the school year, childhood a dream come true.

You could tell many people were off work. Lots of couples walking dogs through South City at noon on a Tuesday, more than a typical Saturday. Families picnicking in Tower Grove Park, but there’s not going to be a farmer’s market any time soon.

There’s a virus, invisible, ravaging the globe. All the powers and authorities are doing their best to stop it, but it’s going to make its way into most of our bodies. A lot of people are going to die. We’re avoiding groups, sanitizing hands and surfaces to slow its movement. Will this last for 6 months, a year, 18 months? Beyond the loss of health and life, we will never be the same economically and socially again.

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