Stop tagging your customers

Have you ever been trying to focus, but the irritation on your neck becomes too much? You finally had enough of scratching where your shirt tag itches, and stop what you’re doing to cut it off. Instant relief.

How were you putting up with that so long? What gets me is the tag is completely pointless — if you bought the shirt, you know what it is. It is annoying branding, marketing to someone who already purchased the product.

Are you doing the same thing to your customers? Popups on your website or app that take away from everything you built to earn their visit. Spamalicious email that is irrelevant or without permission. One example that always bothered me is constant mail from my ISP to sell me cable — our household will never have it but their ads are constantly in my box.

Your customers’ attention and loyalty is powerful, take care to be responsible with it. Don’t tag them.



Timothy Kiefer

bootstrapper, soil farmer, urban agriculture professional ||