Stay human

Social ability is our human superpower. It’s how we’ve been able to cover the globe with civilization and launch ourselves into space.

If your goal was to dismantle humankind, you would separate people physically and psychically.

Social media echo-chambers, 5g rollout, COVID lockdowns, and cultural and political war being incited by news networks daily — an evil genius mastermind couldn’t have devised a more exacting attack on the human race.

What’s essential is to not succumb to fear, and refuse division. Make newsfeeds your servant not your master — define clear boundaries and stick to them. Use technology to stay connected with people you care about and things that matter. Enjoy regular fresh air and sunlight with friends and family. Plant a garden and keep a flock of chickens.



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Timothy Kiefer

bootstrapper, daily blogger, soil farmer, urban agriculture professional, wannabe programmer ||