Should you write every day no matter what, or stick to publishing refined works of writing?


This is my third year blogging every day.

One of the primary contentions I’ve heard from friends about writing each day(no matter what) is that it prioritizes quantity over quality.

“You’re not going to get better just typing whatever you can to keep a streak.”

To paraphrase a friend: “More important is to sit down at the same time in the same place routinely, and commit to the habit of writing. Write and rewrite until it’s great, publish, and start again.”

I agree with this process to refine and mature your writing discipline. In fact, I’d be the first to admit a more specific committed practice would likely be my best next step to growing as a writer.

But first, before you can improve, you’ve got to show up. Writing (or exercising, or coding, or painting, or…) every day is about training your lizard brain to know that your default state is shipping. “This is what I do.”

Second, daily blogging has proven much more than just helping me get better at writing. In fact, increased ability has been a bonus compared to all the other ways this habit has benefited me. Clearer thinking, forcing me to look outward throughout my day, and getting comfortable with sharing my thoughts three rewards I’ve come to appreciate more than simply advancing as a wordsmith.



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Timothy Kiefer

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