Feeling down? Head on over to your favorite hardware store.

This is more than your cliché “retail therapy”, you’re not just buying things.

You’re getting inspired. Walk down aisles you don’t normally traverse, and imagine using equipment and materials you don’t have experience with. If you’re curious, ask folks questions. Dream up your next project.

It’s self-confidence-building. With what is readily available in this one store, there are infinite possibilities of things you can build. From an automatically irrigated garden to an entire house, you can accomplish it.

You are able to tangibly improve the quality of your life. Better lighting in your home, shelves to get more organized, paint to brighten up the walls… There are limitless, and affordable, projects awaiting that will allow you to make your environs immediately more enjoyable.

There is opportunity to improve your financial position. Most retail establishments, if successful, ensure you are worth a little less when you leave. The hardware store is a rare concern where you can arrive under- or unemployed, and leave a self-made man. Lawn service operator, rehabber or remodeler, painter, plumber, or playground installer… The possibilities for small business creation are limited only by your resourcefulness.

Don’t let a funk get to you, get to work.

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