Google is Teaching Me to Speak More Clearly

Late to the smartphone game, but when I finally made it I was all in for swiping. I can often compost a message faster than hand-writing, and have a decent amount of accuracy without even looking at the keyboard. It’s brilliant.

Then, Telegram brought all sorts of messaging blessings, with voice messaging merging the best of both worlds — the convenience of both parties receiving a message, without losing the fidelity of tone of voice. When a detail or story requires more than a superficial description, I’m nearly always recording a video message.

Most recently, I’ve found myself using the G-Board option to transcribe voice. I’m not sure if this just wasn’t as reliable in the past or current conditions found me needing to send short messages but with limited use of my hand(s), but as of late voice-to-text has proven to be a regular go-to option.

Initially using for messages more than one word, but not quite a minute-plus long voice message, it has now proven useful even for drafting emails and the occasional blog post.

What caught me of guard is how much it catches me repeating words and or saying unnecessary ones in the first place. Most revealing, as it types out what you’re saying in real time, is how often I began talking before I even completely know what I’m going to say!

Seeing the words materialize on the screen is fantastic training for speaking more clearly, I feel like I’m already becoming more verbally efficient.

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