For the vast majority of human existence, until the very recent past, humankind as a whole was directly involved in their food procurement and production.

The bible abounds with garden and pasture and analogies, these were examples that everyone were intimate with. Our founding fathers were farmers, some famous for their cultivation abilities.

As we have become more and more disconnected from our source of sustenance, we are missing out on much more than health and security.

Farming gets you up close and personal with life and death cycles, the effects of the seasons and their corresponding elements, practical building skills, daily problem solving. With livestock, creatures are relying on you for their wellness, and in turn you realize your own existence is at the mercy of a much bigger and more powerful world around you.

Our culture would benefit greatly from a wholesale reintroduction to agriculture. I am certain it would result in a kinder, happier, humbler, and more common sense-equipped society.

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