Don’t be afraid to build your resistance

Just like with your body’s immune system, in life when you face invaders head on and attack them, you get stronger. Similar to how your body creates antibodies in response to viral infections, in difficult situations you learn skills, knowledge, and gain overall stress tolerance that helps you both overcome the next battle, and be more effective in your day to day skirmishes.

For these reasons, you should welcome adversities, not avoid them.

This is clearly a counter-cultural position these days — our world prefers comfort over all else. One needs not look any further than the general response to the current pandemic to see this. Instead of taking care to keep our bodies healthy and ready to resist bugs, and in good shape so there aren’t other intensifying conditions such as obesity and diabetes, the mainstream preference is social isolation, living in bubbles, wearing three masks, and injections.

Choose to build strength, don’t soothe yourself into atrophy.

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