In nature, big events like floods, wildfires, and stampedes, are elemental to ecosystems.

There are certain plants that only propagate after fires, and the current crisis in California is due to a lack of stewardship and controlled burns. After managed hog trampling, Joel Salatin’s forest has species popping up that have been dormant for hundreds of years.

Especially to creatures that are plagued with the ability to think too much, we see recognize these catastrophic events for their immediate loss and trauma, not aware or possibly even able to realize the grander importance.

In our lives big disturbances happen, as well. From unplanned interruptions to uprooting disasters.

In the same way, these events are cleansing, clarifying, and motivating. You learn who your friends are, dross is burned off and strong relationships are strengthened. You rid yourself of needless material possessions, less important goals, and learn what matters most. Sometimes paths completely unseen come into view.

Let these occurrences run their course, learn and grow from them.



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Timothy Kiefer

bootstrapper, daily blogger, soil farmer, urban agriculture professional, wannabe programmer || perennial.city