Couples who work together stay together

Maybe. But at least you’ll know sooner than those who don’t.

If I was Wendell Berry, this would be beautiful prose about our relationships with good labor and their intrinsic connection to good relationships. Instead, I’m just a scrappy hoosier who writes something on the internet every day.

From my day job experience, I can say there is nothing more rewarding, and challenging, than working with the love of my life. Maybe part of the precipitous divorce rates in the second half of the 20th century were related to the compartmentalization of everything post WWII.

Work was separated from home physically thanks to the suburbs, sustenance from home with the industrialization of the food supply. In doing this, husband and wife also separated essential parts of themselves from each other.

A very tangible consequence of this is instead of dealing with issues connected with all aspects of each others’ livelihoods on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, these problems collide when they become crises. So the couple is denied the training of working through things together, becoming an unavoidable and insurmountable dilemma.

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