Boots on the ground

I won’t argue with some of the smartest people in business who say if you can afford to hire out work, anything, do it. And focus on the $5k/hr, $50k/r, $1m/hr kind of work.

But I can’t help it, I’m a scrappy bootstrappin’ hoosier.

I love to see things up close and refine the system.

I need to know why an organization I’m a part of does what it does, and see the effect first hand.

And, on a very practical level, it might help question if you should be doing something in the first place. I can pay someone $35 a week to cut a lot, and never have to think about it. But once I’ve hauled a mower back and forth and cut grass for a season, it becomes crystal clear that maybe there shouldn’t be grass (after all, without ruminants it’s not very productive…), or it’s time to sell the lot.

This could all also be a result of being hard headed, too… Maybe someone more shrewd could realize all the above from space…


bootstrapper, soil farmer, urban agriculture professional ||

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