Apple sabotaged Android with the USB-C

If Apple “sort of” invented USB-C, why don’t they use it on their own phones?

The reasoning that the Lightning Port is more elegant and keeps things proprietary seem to be positive enough business decisions. But what if there is a more nefarious reason they helped unleash this new connection system?

I unabashedly and overwhelmingly prefer Android over Apple. After several years of trash-talking iPhones, I decided that since it was a goal to use my phone less, to enjoy the beautiful hardware and give it a try. It didn’t even last a day before I had it with this phone telling me how I’m supposed to use it…

My first smartphone was a Nexus 4, then loyal to the Moto line (closest I found to Nexus), until the Pixel family hit the scene. I can tell you authoritatively that there is one major fatal flaw to the modern Android phone: you’re going to have trouble with getting the charger to work.

It’s not a hardware issue. There’s not a problem with the software.

Lint and dust collects in the just-too-large charging port, compacting every time you plug it in, until a barrier is impedes contact enough for conduction.

This has happened with every USB-C phone of mine. The first time, it was with first 6 months, I didn’t realize what was happening and had it replaced under warranty. Now, I use a pin and scrape the port, but things never seem to be back to 100%.

Smart move, Apple.



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