This phrase can refer to a lot of things, and there’s a lot of subjectivity in play.

One thing that is certain, if it can be bought, it can be taken away. Be sure to make investments in yourself and those around you.

Critique all you want, but do it physically, providing solutions.

When visioning, you mentally prepare yourself for your ideal future. It’s like framing a house you’ll eventually move into.

We’re all navigating the same ones, and even if you don’t like the layout and the laws, you’re going to be better off working with what you got.

People love to fight about the “is” and the “ought”.

Don’t caught up in that, work on the “do”.

The most important thing in life and in business are mutually beneficial relationships.

Many things change — the economy, climate, health, preferences, policies…

If you build relationships founded on mutual benefit, then the figures and facts of the moment don’t matter. Together you’ll adapt for anything life throws your way to ensure each others’ wellness.

People who change the world don’t follow patterns, they discover them.

You’re not going to change the world being unoriginal.

It goes without saying — to effect the world toward a new place, you’ll need to bring something new to it.

The good news is that everybody is original, so be true to yourself, and you’ll naturally have the impact you were made for.

If you’re living someone else’s dream, you should feel an unsettling ache at the end of the day. If it continues, imagine how it feels at the end of your life — you don’t want to take that with you into eternity.

If you have a winning argument, you don’t need to silence your opponent.

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